Birthed in the heart of an incredible woman, widowed at 38, raising her son and daughter alone. Linda knew what it felt like to be alone and hungry and yet God was able to move her.

Never forgetting, always believing regardless of circumstance they could make a difference in this World.

In five years a cup of vegetables and pizza, is now a distribution vehicle of 4.4 tons of food per month to over 1000 beneficiaries.

The Legacy now lives through her family and those of who have made a stand to fight poverty.



It takes everyone...


Those who will walk with us, and those who support us.   They know what our eyes have seen, and that our hearts are forever changed.  Vision153 understands that the perception of poverty is a far cry from reality, and what we deem a necessity, for most is a luxury.   Water, electricity, ablution facilities, safe transport, education, healthcare and food. None of which are negotiable to us.

We stand for the forgotten, the widows and orphans left behind, those without a voice, those abused and rejected.

We stand for those who can’t stand for themselves.

We do the work most won’t do.


 Stand with us, be the change that you want to see in this world.