Where was the Vision 153 annual fundraiser held this year?
Where else!? At Collisheen estate – the

same place we’ve always held our fundraisers. Its a beautiful venue and Wayne Hullett is the most amazing, generous host, who really puts his back into it. For us, Collisheen is always a success!

How many people came?
We were bursting at the seams with 317 attendees.

Tell us what happened?
Firstly I have to give a shout out to Gill Von Buddenbrock who assisted me in managing and putting together the event. I couldn’t have done it without her! Thank you. You are amazing! In terms of how the evening went; the very talented Majozi did his thing as people came in and got seated. A delicious 2 course dinner was served, followed by psychology-essays.com a Vision 153 presentation by my brother, Roy Primmer. The theme for the evening was ‘The Jonny Cash Show’ and the band that played were phenomenal. They absolutely rocked the house! At the interlude we held an auction with incredible lots, then our guests danced the rest of night away (some until 2:00am!).

How much did you manage to raise?
We raised an incredible R23000 from the auction, the Stetson hats sold at the door totalled R5000, but the best for me were the ‘giving bags’ that we placed on each table. This was a simple, no pressure, completely optional, way for our guests to give whatever they felt was on their hearts. And I was completely blown away by everyone’s generosity! We raised an incredible R14000 from the bags – amazing, amazing, amazing!

What was a highlight for you?
Wow, there were so many! On the night someone donated a one night’s stay for 2 at Phinda for the auction, Pick n Pay generously donated a R2000 gift voucher, and loads of people signed up for monthly stop orders with an interest to commit long term. Another exciting development is the possibility of a group of ladies wanting to form a committee dedicated to helping Vision 153. Oh and since the fundraiser we have been given so many clothes, appliances and goods to distribute to those in need… as I said so many highlights!

What was different about this year’s fundraiser?
Well, I was forced to take a ‘literal’ step back from being so involved because of my foot injury, which rather than being frustrating, turned out to be a real blessing. It gave me a different perspective which enabled me to see how generous people are, how much they want to help and get involved, and best of all to see how much God has blessed our organisation.

Any final words?
To quote one of our pastors at Linc church, Mark Slevin: “We cant do everything, but we must do something.” The biggest success of all from our fundraiser is that people are starting to move. There is a shift happening in our community in that people are becoming aware that we all have a part to play. No matter how small, whatever you can do matters! Vision 153 is bigger than a feeding scheme. We want to impact our community, to make a difference and to change lives! We have space for anyone and everyone to get involved. Help us grow and realise our vision. We are better when we are together!