We believe that we can free people from poverty. People are depressed because they have no hope, no help which often ends in suicide, murder, abuse, neglect and rape, which contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDs which in turn only worsens the ever growing numbers of Orphans in South Africa. We are here to fill the gap in the communities and make the difference.

Our main objective is to remove people and families from their troubles and worries, helping them to face the road ahead. To provide the strength and support required for them to achieve their goals. We want them to be able to dream dreams, Vision 153 is the catalyst in community that ends despair, takes a stand against depravity with the aim to Change-a-LIFE.

Our primary objective is to assist families and individuals by helping them in their crisis and need and assisting them back into our society so they in turn can assist and positively influence the people around them.

We will achieve this by removing the child and person from their current situation and caring for them in our own environment. Vision is in the process of acquiring land in the North Coast from where we will begin to establish a safe environment where people can live freely in a God centred community. Our aim will be to provide jobs to uplift the community, counselling, training and education.