We believe that every human being deserves proper facilities; a roof over their heads and warm bed a night and a good hygienic sanitized toilet system.

We want to bring to the people a healthy bathroom experience, just as we have every day. We want people to move to these areas because of our mobile toilets systems and under our care we can feed and counsel them. Some of our current areas don’t have a toilet system, they have long drops and aren’t able to pay the counsel for their services to remove the sewage, so the counsel stops collecting.

As you can imagine eventually they aren’t able to use the long drops any more due to over flow. When it rains their primitive systems floods and runs over into their play grounds and homes! We are told that the community has no other option but to use the “veld” as they aren’t able to use their home toile/s.

This is poverty and we will take a stand against it.

Vision will be either manufacturing or purchasing mobile ablution units. The Mobile units come in six and twelve meter lengths;

  • 6.0m Mobile Ablution-3xtoilets, 3xbasins, 1xbath, wind-masters, windows and doors.
  • 12.0m Mobile Ablution-6xtoilets, 3xbasins, 1xbath, 1xshower, wind-masters, windows and doors.