By supporting families we are able to have a greater impact in the community, families are stronger as a unit so by positively influencing and caring for them we are able to touch more people’s lives. Some of these people help us on a daily basis to cook food at the orphanages unfortunately we aren’t able to offer any form of remuneration at this stage but we do offer them support by way of whatever gets donated i.e. of clothes, beds and bedding, cupboards and food stuffs we relocate to our support families. We also make regular food drop offs and try to assist in industrial job creation.

Vision currently supports two local families 1) Khunye recently became a widow supports both her daughter and granddaughter and four of her nephews/nieces due to the death of her brother. 2) Novipo a family of 3 children, husband is struggling to find work. We are currently looking at helping is setting up a Crèche to provide support, care and job creation opportunities.