Vision Village

We believe we have been placed here for this time and such a purpose – to impact the community and Make a Difference. We see our current assistants as key people in our orphanages in that they have been placed in our care in order to bring together to unite these people, their children, orphans and their needs. Our primary focus is to create a Safe Zone, to sustain it and make it a lighthouse to the entire community and province. As this is a huge task and will 1) take time, 2) resources and the 3) right people.

  • Staff
    • Our current assistants grafted in as house mothers who will look after a selected of group of between six-eight orphaned children, it is in this environment we will see lives transformed  and families are restore again.
  • Land
    •  Vision will be acquiring our own land from which we can base this plan. We cannot help the community and more importantly the orphans in their current situations. We need our own facility/land where we can manage and protect our children and families, a place which is called home where they are safe from rape, crime, gangs, drugs and alcohol. From within our boundary walls we will be able impact these children giving them hope, love and a future.
  • Families
    • As we are strengthened and are better funded we will add to the buildings and facilities to accommodate more families, up to a total of forty families. Families consist of one house mother her child/children if she has and 5-7 orphaned children, a family structure of between 6-8 people. This structure has proven successful in the watoto and Liv village/s. We will initially begin with the children in the current orphanages we serve, which is approximately  350 orphans, we will be working closely with the department of Social Welfare and opening our village to all children in need and  who don’t have a home.
  • Community
    • We are lost without leaders, somehow in many communities today men are missing and the woman are having to provide, which is not an easy task in todays world. A father figure is essential in the growth and development of a child and this is exactly what is missing which we intend to restore. Vision’s management and assistants will be spending time, counselling and playing sport with the kids. We intend on having a full time pastor  living on the premises. We would like to institute Godly principals.
  • Food
    • We envision a self-sustaining village where we will teach horticulture and grow our own crop from which we will eat and the overflow can be sold to raise funds for buildings, operational costs. Currently we collect expired foods from the local food stores and distribute them into the orphanages. We fund the Grout Ville feeding scheme 100% from Vision 153.
  • Schooling
    • We will be sending the children to a local school from which they will again their education until we are able to build our own schooling facilities and fund our own teachers. Our objective is to education from our own premises as we seek to protect our children and add to job creation in the local community.
  • Sports
    • Sports in very important in the development of one’s self confidence and we will using this channel to build up our children and raise them up to be leaders in the community.
  • Animal therapy 
    • “Yah-Weh Kids and Animals” is a centre focused on animal-assisted therapy to aid child orphans as well as children with autism and disability conditions. Animal-assisted therapy improves patients’ mental, physical, social and emotional functioning with the aid of animals. Much more than simply spending time with an animal, animal-assisted therapy involves specific therapeutic goals, strategies and outcome measures. Therapeutic experiences can include walking, brushing, petting and caring for an animal, as well as processing the experience of trying to achieve a given task.

There is a strong bond between animals and people. Animals are accepting, non-threatening and non-judgmental, making it easier for people to open up. Some of the benefits of animal-assisted therapy may include:

  • Improved fine motor skills
  • Improved balance
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Increased self-esteem and ability to care for oneself
  • Reduced anxiety, grief and isolation
  • Reduced blood pressure, depression, and risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Improved willingness to be involved in a therapeutic program or group activity
  • Increased trust, empathy and teamwork
  • Greater self-control
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Reduced need for medication
  • Improved social skills

Yah-Weh Kids is particularly beneficial for individuals who are resistant to treatment or have difficulty accessing their emotions or expressing themselves in talk therapy. The centre will aid orphans in their development into society and assist children who suffer from medical conditions and their families to lead a more independent lifestyle.

In addition the centre will also be utilized for educational purposes for the care and conservation of animals which will be directed at schools in KZN.

In serving the community/s more specifically orphanages we understand that we cannot be effective in trying to manage several projects in different areas instead we have come to the realisation that in synergy we can achieve more in the consolidation of these projects “under one roof”.

We seek to institute one culture – a caring, life giving and hope for the future Culture.